For those of you who aren’t familiar with how billing and taxes work for freelancers, we need an individual tax number (at least here in Germany) to put on the bills we give to people. Without this number, you can’t properly bill people for your work and; therefore, receive money.

My experience was a two month adventure in frustration. But on the upside, I can now say that my German phone skills have improved pretty significantly.

Thankfully, I finally have this important set of digits! So, I have some exciting things in the works. More news of that to come soon.

As a side note:
I’ll be posting the rest of my Inktober drawings on this site together in one post, at a later date. My schedule has been pretty crazy lately, so posting one a day is proving to be quite tricky. If you’re interested in seeing them a bit earlier, I post as much as I can to my Instagram and Tumblr! (links at the bottom of the page)

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday!