2 thoughts on “Late 20’s Blues

  1. It was old school, but the other way to test for tooters used to cost bunny rabbits their fluffy li’l lives. In this era of instant results and no patience it is just to unthinkable to wait for morning sickness to signal the time to think about nursery colors.


    • ummm I’m not really sure what the first half of that means.
      But pregnancy tests are great.
      The thing I have a problem with is the advertising for the pregnancy tests, parenting websites, etc, that I receive now. I really only scratched the surface here and tried to make it funny, but it really is a problem. Advertisements show up on websites you visit based on your age, gender, and what you look at online. Because I am a woman of childbearing age, with people in her life who have children, I get these ads. For me, they are more of an annoyance. However, to a woman who really doesn’t want to have children or a woman who can’t get pregnant or a woman who maybe lost her child, these ads can be really hurtful.


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